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Chateau Maine Gazin is a 7.5Ha property located in the northern Bordeaux wine region. Awarded producers of artisan Rosé and Red wines within the small ancient village of Plassac.

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The family is determined to make the best-quality wines and present them to the market only when they are ready to have the cork pulled. We see the future in using organic practices for the vineyard and winemaking.

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Chateau Maine Gazin is a 7.5Ha property located 50kms north of Bordeaux, within the small village of Plassac. The property slopes north to south towards rolling hills of vineyards and to the west beautiful views of the Gironde River and across to the Medoc.

Rich limestone/ clay soils combine with the moderating influences of the Gironde to provide excellent terroir for red wine production. The vineyard is planted to 4.6Ha merlot, 1.4Ha petit Verdot & 1.2Ha cabernet franc.

Our Vineyard Lifecycle

Experience the journey of our vineyard all year round.

Winter Cycle



The vines are in their dormant stage and the major activity is pruning. Fertilising and seeding of grasses into the rows are done before the main seasonal rain. Maintenance of the vineyard trellising.

Spring Cycle


(March – May)

The sap runs in the vines to heal after pruning and in April buds burst. The vines are attached to wires and the cuttings ground to compost in the rows. Soil work to control weeds, de-compact and aerate the ground.

Summer Cycle



Rapid growth and flowering are early June and weed management, soil work and the training of vine growth to trellising is undertaken. Fruit set is usually complete by July and activity is focussed on canopy management to maximise sun exposure. The berries have swollen in size and colour changes (veraison) through August.

Autumn Cycle



The sugar levels have increased as the berry flesh softens. Monitoring of
ripeness begins early September and harvest of merlot, will vary according to the season, but is usually in the 3rd week of September. Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot are later harvesting into October.

Our History

Where it all began!

April 2015
Chateau Maine Gazin begins
From Bondi Beach to Bordeaux region, Geoff and Marion had the yearning to get back to a rural pursuit after retiring. They had some farming experience and an involvement in a vineyard project in Pemberton, South West Australia. France was the target. The search began in September 2014 in south eastern France. Some weeks later they had strayed to the west and north of Bordeaux to find Chateau Maine Gazin. The view through the vines to the Gironde river did it and the property was acquired in April 2015.
July 2016
Planting vines
It was known Maine Gazin had very special terroir; the soil limestone clay mix, sloping south to north and the moderating influence of the Gironde. However, the vineyard had developed in an ad-hoc way over the generations. The advice was to replant vines to modern standards. Re-planting was completed in 2016.
It was a difficult and expensive decision and a real back to basics learning of all processes of viticulture.
The 268 rows at 2 metre spacings run north-south and are grown with a high canopy to allow the full sun exposure.
March 2017
Developing our vineyard
Vines need a great deal of care in the first few years. The chamber of Agriculture have some very fine staff to help with all aspects of viticulture. Soil testing, vine cultivar/root stock selection and fertilisation options have all been sourced from the department.
As newbies Geoff & Marion followed directions carefully but the real hero in this is a fellow called Daren Miller who became a friend in need and soon joined as a close work colleague at Maine Gazin.

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