Harvesting of grapes has developed just in the 5 years we have been at Chateau Maine Gazin. The grapes are now stripped from the bunch and the smaller berries rejected. The bunch stem is left on the vine and a minimal amount of vegetable matter is taken to the winery. https://youtu.be/tcJZUVycVXk… Read more

Seeded every second row with a legume and cereal mix to control humidity and improve the organic matter for the vines. https://youtu.be/7AuAoPk-gzI… Read more

Château Maine Gazin is a property of 7.3ha that includes the vineyard, maison, bungalow and several out buildings. The vineyard has 9 plots, the 2 closest to the buildings are Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc has the 2 plots on the to eastern side and the balance is Merlot. Video courtesy of Wilke Reints…. Read more

Red grapes change colour usually at the start of August in Bordeaux. In 2020 an early season had véraison commencing in the 3rd week of July… Read more

Rows of vines are trimmed or hedged to allow maximum sun exposure onto the grapes and together with some leaf thinning enable even berry ripening…. Read more

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