Rosé was the first wine to be bottled at the Château for the Cook family. It was made using the organic wine making process so as to learn how.

Bottled under cork with a shot of nitrogen it is ready to drink….and it is not all that bad.

It was reviewed by Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge and assigned a gold medal.

Immediately after the Rosé was tucked away in cartons on pallets it was off to the Oenologists for a blending session with the 2018 reds. This was like being in a serious chemistry lab and amazing the difference small variations of blending makes to flavour and aroma. A rouge blend of 88% Merlot 7% Cab Franc 5% Petit Verdot got up along with a stand alone Petit Verdot.

These wines have been maturing since November 2018 and bottled 12 March 2020.

They are big well structured wines with wonderful complexity.

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