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Light Snow falling over the vineyard today

Titled; Organic weed control in the vineyard

vine planting

Château Maine Gazin video overview

This video by Claude Clim presents our property at a time when the vines are nearing full growth and when the wine, already in the cellar, is blended in preparation for bottling. 2021

Pressing for red wine

This is where the glamour of winemaking fades a bit for me. The free run wine is drained and transferred from the vats to leave the grape skins and sediment (marc). This material is removed from the vats with a pitch fork, thrown through the vat door into a hopper over a large pump. It is then transferred to the press to extract some more wine...'pressings'. The dregs are sent to the local distillery.

Vines to vats, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux 2020 rouge

Grapes for red wine are brought to the winery, crushed and pumped into vats. At Maine Gazin, the building was developed in the 1850's so the vats are concrete. The 'moût' is then fermented to convert the sugar to alcohol. This process is usually completed within a fortnight before commencing the malolactic fermentation. Then it is pressing time.

Clever Harvest 2020

Harvesting of grapes has developed just in the 5 years we have been at Chateau Maine Gazin. The grapes are now stripped from the bunch and the smaller berries rejected. The bunch stem is left on the vine and a minimal amount of vegetable matter is taken to the winery.

Harvest Day for Rosé 2020

Rosé was selected from a parcel of merlot and harvested early for colour and acidity. We are in the 3 year transition period to Bio/organic certification for the vineyard.

Seeding rows for soil enhancement

Seeded every second row with a legume and cereal mix to control humidity and improve the organic matter for the vines.

Weed removal under the vines…the organic way

Organic farming requires more soil work to control weeds and avoid the use of chemical sprays. Here we see the intercep slicing the earth between the vines. Hydraulic arms sense the vines so they are not also sliced.

Removal of unripe grapes before harvest

Some varieties of vines produce small bunches of grapes after the main bunches have formed. These do not ripen before harvest. They need to be removed or they will introduce a green vegetable taste through the wine. This video is taken in our Cabernet Franc plot.

Aerial view of Maine Gazin

Château Maine Gazin is a property of 7.3ha that includes the vineyard, maison, bungalow and several out buildings. The vineyard has 9 plots, the 2 closest to the buildings are Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc has the 2 plots on the to eastern side and the balance is Merlot. Video courtesy of Wilke Reints.

Véraison- grapes changing colour

Red grapes change colour usually at the start of August in Bordeaux. In 2020 an early season had véraison commencing in the 3rd week of July

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